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The magazine for the nitrogen and syngas industries

January/February Issue

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  • Towards a sustainable nitrogen fertilizer industry
    Part 1 – nitrogen production

    First part of a two part look at a potential sustainable future for the nitrogen industry, focusing on low carbon routes to nitrogen production.
  • Gas pricing and market reform
    Natural gas pricing remains the dominant component of ammonia production costs. The fall in global oil and gas prices due to the Covid outbreak and the continued growth in the LNG market is continuing to break the hold of oil indexation on gas pricing. Meanwhile, reform of gas markets continues, in places as diverse as Brazil, China and India.
  • Digitisation in the fertilizer industry – scope and potential
    A look at the ways in which the continuing digitisation of fertilizer plant operations is affecting production and producers’ bottom line.
  • Project progress during Covid-19
    With strict restrictions on global travel during the Covid-19 pandemic, companies are making good use of the latest technologies to keep projects moving by providing remote support and assistance.
  • NOx emissions reduction in steam methane reformers
    Recent regulations require syngas producers to reduce NOx emissions from their existing fired heaters. A variety of options can be considered to achieve NOx emissions reductions and overcome operational challenges.

Promote your company and its products and services to a targeted audience of professionals working in the nitrogen and syngas industries.


Nitrogen+Syngas provides unrivalled technical and market coverage of synthesis gas and its derivatives – on the nitrogen side, ammonia and downstream products, urea, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate and UAN – as well as hydrogen, methanol and gas-, biomass- and coal-to-liquid technologies

Both in print and online, Nitrogen+Syngas is the only publication to provide global coverage of the nitrogen and syngas industries, with unequalled insight into technologies and developments for producers worldwide.

Nitrogen+Syngas is distributed at all key industry conferences and events, emphasising its recognised position as the market’s leading title.

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  • Plant Manager+ Incident No. 3: Backflow in pressurised leak detection system for loose liner of HP scrubber
  • Tackling emissions in the nitric acid industry
  • The future of DME
  • A blueprint for 2025
  • New concepts for ammonia plant revamps
  • Digital solutions bringing better performance
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