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The magazine for the sulphur and sulphuric acid industries

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November/December issue

  • Sour gas projects - Although the number of new sour gas developments has slowed in recent years compared to the large boost of the previous decade, sour gas projects continue to be a major source of new sulphur production
  • Trends in demand for sulphur fertilizers - Sulphur is becoming an increasingly imporant crop nutrient, due to a combination of lower airborne sulphur emissions, the increasing prevalence of high analysis fertilizers and higher cropping intentsities
  • Longer lived refractory linings - As sulphur recovery units operate at progressively higher temperatures, creep stress in the furnace refractory lining can lead to deformation or even failure of the bricks and require the shutdown of the SRU, DSF Refractories has developed a product which minimises creep stress damage at high temperatures, for a longer-lived furnace lining
  • A sustainable solution for sulphur waste - RSK reports on the research carried out to test whether the waste sulphur from a biological sulphur removal process could be applied in agriculture to increase the quality and quanity of crops in Iraq
  • Sulphuric acid projects and technology - evelopments in sulphuric acid technology and engineering kno0whow are higlighted by recent project case studies from DuPont Clean Technologies, Metso Outotec and thyssenkrupp Uhde
  • Sour water stripping gas processing options - Rameshni & Associates Technology & Engineering (RATE) discusses different sour water stripping gas processing operations, depending on contaminants in the sour water streams and site-specific requirements.
  • Challenges with the transition to biofuels - Considering the current shift to produce biofuels instead of conventional oil products. Comprimo discusses the impact that this may have on the ability to process the sour water acid gas streams produced in existing or new sour water strippers.
  • A new low-cost H2S scavenger - New low-cost metal oxide solid scavengers for H2S removal from wet and dry natural gas have been developed and deployed at commercial scale. SulfaTrap LLC describes the new technology and its performance.
  • Liquid redox going beyond the expected - Streamline Innovations Inc highlights some of the new developments and successful applications of the Valkyrie™ process and its redocx technology, in both gas and water streams.

Plus our regular price trends, market outlook and industry news - all in the November/December issue of Sulphur magazine, in print and online.



Sulphur is the market leading publication for the sulphur and sulphuric acid industries worldwide, highly regarded for its unparalleled information and extensive coverage spanning the refining, sour gas, metals, chemical and fertilizer industries.

Both in print and online, Sulphur is the only publication to provide a truly international view of the sulphur and sulphuric acid industries, providing readers with news of the latest technological advances, projects, research, market outlooks, shipping, statistics and industry comment, making it essential reading for all sectors of the industry.

Unrivalled in its coverage and reach, Sulphur is distributed at all key industry conferences and events, emphasising its recognised position as the market leading title, a fact that is highlighted by its status as the official publication of most major international sulphur related conferences, including Sulphur, TSI Sulphur World Symposium and SOGAT, as well as distribution at the Brimstone Sulfur Recovery Symposia.

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Latest issue:
November/December 2021

  • Sour gas projects
  • Trends in demand for sulphur fertilizers
  • Longer lived refractory linings
  • A sustainable solution for sulphur waste
  • Sulphuric acid projects and technology
  • Sour water stripping gas processing options
  • Challenges with the transition to biofuels
  • A new low-cost H2S scavenger
  • Liquid redox going beyond the expected
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